Record every detail, tag for later, play and share whenever you want.
Meetings and lectures have never been easier.


  • Easily sync across devices via iCloud
  • Adjust audio quality for different needs
  • Noise reduction and EQ for total clarity


  • Never lose an important moment with #TimeTag
  • Every word instantly time-stamped
  • Easy to use highlighting tool
  • Drag and drop text and images in real time (iPad Pro)

Noted. The complete audio note-taking solution

  • Rich text editor for formatting and style
  • Organise your notes into notebooks and search by text or tag
  • 3D Touch allows instant audio preview
  • Export audio or text independently
  • Pin your most important notebooks to the top
  • Multi-task with ease using iPad Pro

Get smart with your audio note-taking





Price Plan

Noted Basic comes complete with all the core features, giving you up to five notes and all the editing, indexing and export tools you need, absolutely FREE.

Want to unlock the advanced version? Noted+ provides unlimited note-taking, noise reduction and adjustable quality audio recording, for only £0.99 per month or £9.99 per year.

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