Level up your video journaling experience

Quickly jot down all thoughts; refine and review every detail later.

Mark key moments 
in your recordings 
with #TimeTags

Instantly replay any #Inspiration #ImportantMoment #CreativeIdea

Relive special events through video or audio

Import media files and add notes to enrich your journal.

Check out more exciting features

Web sharing, audio trimming, timestroke, themes, and more.

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Download Noted

Download Noted

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Nov 29, 2020


I have ADHD and this is a game changer formy brain! To capture audio along with my notes is life changing!
... I never miss anything now when I use this app to capture meetings, presentations, you name it!

Great app and amazing
customer service!

Mar 11, 2020


Been pleased to see this app improve and particularly excited by dictation feature just added. Ran into an odd issue but support was astonishingly fast. Love that I can synchronize across phone, ipad, and mac. Highly recommend giving this a try!!

Unlock Noted+

with 7 days free trial

Download Noted

Download Noted

Download Noted

Unlock Noted+
with 7 days Free Trial