How to playback a recording?

You can playback a recording on both the Watch and iPhone.   On your Apple Watch: Navigate to the recording list (swipe left) Tap a recording and hit the play button to playback   Adjust the playback volume: During playback, you may adjust the volume by tapping the middle speaker icon and using the Digital … Continued

Deleting Recording(s)

On your Apple Watch: Delete one recording: Navigate to the recording list (swipe left) Tap and select a recording Force Touch the screen to reveal the action menu Tap the ‘Delete’ icon Delete all recordings: Navigate to the recording list (swipe left) Force Touch on the screen to reveal the menu Tap the ‘Delete All’ … Continued

Appending New Recordings

You can quickly append recordings made from your Apple Watch to notes on your iPhone: 1. Tap on a recording file you wish to transfer to reveal the Append button 2. Choose a desired notebook and note to append, then tap the Append button   3.  All ready to use! Also, any hashtags you added during the … Continued

Recording an audio

Start Recording and add time tag: On your Apple Watch, tap the red button to start recording. Tap the ‘hashtag’ icon to add a #timetag. Remember to tap the ‘tick’ button to save once finished recording. Then, it will sync automatically to the paired iPhone.   Pause and or continue recording: On your Apple Watch, … Continued

How do I install the Noted Watch app?

Please check that you are running the latest versions of iOS – we support iOS 10+ and WatchOS 4 or above. If you are up-to-date, you should find the app installable via the Watch app. A restart may be required.   If you are installing Noted manually via the Apple Watch app: 1. Open the Apple … Continued

What devices and platforms are supported?

Noted can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and available on iPhone or iPad devices, supporting iOS 10 and above. Mac  Watch  We will aim to bring this experience to as many platforms as we can.  Make sure you follow us on our social medias for updatesTwitter    Facebook    Instagram