Using Tags

Tags can be used to organize the content of your notes. Associate them with things like keywords, categories or section titles and they’ll instantly bring you to the desired content at its indexed time, without having to scrub through the whole audio.   Create Creating a tag is quick and easy, there are two ways you can add … Continued

How to turn on / off timestamp?

Through Editor: Tap  to open the info sidebar Open note settings Toggle on/off ‘Always show time stamps’ Through Settings:  General -> Toggle on/off ‘Always show time stamp’ Tips: To reveal the timestamps again, just pull right on the editor page.

What is EQ (Equalization)?

EQ – known as an Equalizer is commonly found in most audio players. It helps to adjust the levels of specific frequencies ranges. Imagine when you regularly record hours of content, you subsequently listen to hours of it. To better improve your playback experience, we suggest tailoring the audio to your preference with such controls … Continued

What is Time Offset?

Time offsetting refers to adjusting the time between the recording and the moment you create the tag.    This gives you better control over when to create it so that you don’t miss the beginning of anything, in cases where you may tap after the important point was given out.  

What is a Timestamp?

A timestamp is a point in time between your recording and the word you type, in which the moment is marked so you can easily skip to those important interview questions, minute meetings and parts of a seminar.    Sometimes you might want to focus only on note-taking, you can hide the timestamp gutter to … Continued