Noted 3.0 – A universe of features to make Noted uniquely you

This year, as every year, we’ve updated the app to support the brand new iOS 14 and fixed a dozen pesky bugs! Thank you all for submitting your reports during the betas 😘

The driving ambition behind our biggest update yet was for you to be able to use Noted how you like. We understand that no one user is the same and so personalisation for us is paramount. Take a look at our exciting new features that will be a game changer in boosting your imagination and streamlining your workflow.

Themes for your personal creative journey:

We’ve designed a host of intergalactic light and dark themes that will take your notes to the stars and beyond. You’ll notice that when you pick a different theme, the Noted icon will also change colour on yourhome screen. Neat, eh?

Shortcuts to teleport to your favourite Notes:

Speaking of mission control, aka your home screen, iOS14 widgets let you pin the most important notes here. Whether it’s recent notes, tagged notes or ones you use regularly, they’re all just one tap away. Start a new recording directly from here too and don’t forget to #timetag any moment. One small step for you, one giant leap for your productivity!

Time travel is possible with #timestamped strokes:

You can now take your drawings back to a specific moment in time as every line receives its own timestamp. You can watch your creations come to life by clicking on your chosen stroke and travelling back and forth. Perfect for when you want to recreate a design or make specific edits.

Plus: date formatting for the timelords out there:

No matter whether you need to get back to a certain year, month, day, hour or minute, we’ve opened up the possibilities for date formatting for you.

Take all the space you need with adjustable margins on the iPad:

No need to feel restricted when drawing or writing large chunks of text – let your creativity flourish and modify the margins to the exact width you need.

And finally, we haven’t forgotten about the Apple Watch users:

New Complications that match your chosen theme can now be added to fit every corner of your watch face so you can take note in just a glance.

We hope you enjoy using Noted 3.0 and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Noted 3.0