Version 3.4: Sync Just Got Faster, Much Faster

We at Noted are committed to constantly improving the app to offer a better note-taking experience for all. And we’re super excited to announce the arrival of version 3.4 – now available on the App Store and Mac App Store.

Sync Speed Skyrocketed

We’re aware that many users have got in touch to say that syncing had not always been as seamless and reliable as it should be. So, in true Noted spirit, we’ve not only fixed the issue, we’ve improved upon it and made the syncing process faster than ever before.

Hold on to your space helmet! Because syncing notes, recordings, images, etc. from one device to another is now 50x faster and more reliable. Started drafting an essay on your iPhone? Access it on your iPad in an instant. Took a quick snap via Noted en-route to the office? View it in detail on your Mac the minute you arrive… as long as you have enough iCloud storage.

Take Notes Whenever, Wherever

Offline note-taking on Noted is now much more robust, too. That means you can create, edit, delete, move, and more even without an internet connection – so no pesky WiFi issues can ever get in the way of capturing a great idea again!

Be sure to update to version 3.4 now on all your devices to enjoy these benefits.

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