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What is AI Transcribe in Noted?
It is a speech to text tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI – Whisper / Metal Model) that converts your audio recordings into text transcripts with accuracy and efficiency. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize speech patterns and convert spoken words into written text.

How does it work?
1. Begin with recording an audio or importing one into Noted

2. Tap the transcribe icon on your editor toolbar

3. Select the Speech Recognition model that fits your need and tap the download icon

4. Once downloaded, tap the transcribe icon to start transcribing.
Ps. Keep the app on-screen to avoid interruptions

5. Watch as the transcription text appears in real-time.

6. Once it reaches to 100% completion, continue your editing mode seamlessly

How accurate is AI Transcribe in Noted?
AI Transcribe in Noted strives for high accuracy in transcribing audio content. However, the accuracy may vary based on factors such as background noise, speaker clarity, and language complexity. Noted continuously improves its AI algorithms to enhance transcription accuracy and reliability.

Why should I use the transcription feature in your app?
Our app offers on-device transcription, ensuring your data stays secure and private.

How secure is the transcription process?
We prioritize secure processing, safeguarding your data confidentiality throughout the transcription process.

How quickly can I expect to receive transcriptions?
A: You can expect rapid results within minutes, allowing for efficient workflow management.

Can your transcription feature handle multiple languages?
A: Absolutely! Our app effortlessly transcends language barriers, providing transcription support for various languages.

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Highly Highly recommended!!!

Jan 16, 2019

...I also love how I can quickly access my notes with my phone, ipad and Mac. Makes my life so much more organized!

Surprising new tool

Nov 17, 2018

...I was able to review a 5 hour meeting in less than 30 minutes. This is going to change the game for me.


Oct 24, 2018

As a third year university student I absolutely love this app! Allows me to record my lectures, take notes and pictures at the same time and it's so easy to go back to my notes and see what exactly has been said at that exact moment.

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