How to Use Noted for Daily Journaling

You might have used Noted to take podcast notes, prepare for job interviews, doodle, and record Zoom calls before… but have you considered using it to write your daily journal?

In this article, we’re discussing how Noted can be your note-taking companion, as well as a dear friend who listens to you 24/7 without interrupting.

Why You Should Keep a Journal

Thinking of starting a journal? It may just be the best decision you’ve ever made. There are many benefits to writing a journal, and here are some of them:

  • Keep your thoughts organised
  • Strengthen your memory
  • Record ideas on the go
  • Reflect on achievements and set future goals
  • Relieve stress
  • Boost creativity
  • Improve your writing skills

And the list goes on, so there’s no surprise that journaling is one of the most useful personal development tools around. Thankfully, with Noted, there are many ways you can get your feelings out:

1. Write It All Down

Simply writing down your thoughts and feelings will help you gain control of your emotions, and Noted provides the perfect canvas for that. Just fire up a new note and write down everything that’s going on in your life – whether it’s a task at work, a school assignment, a social obligation, or anything that’s playing on your mind.

Don’t forget to format your thoughts to understand them more clearly, too.

2. Make Your Voice Heard

Don’t just write, record yourself! We all talk to ourselves from time to time, whether it’s audibly or internally, and all these thoughts can get tangled up if you don’t keep them in order.

By marrying a recorder with a note-taking app, Noted makes the ideal tool to capture and keep track of your thoughts. Recording your thoughts is not only a great way to remember more of what you’re thinking, but you’ll retrieve ideas you didn’t think you had when you review them later. So hit the Record button and let it all out… Better yet, turn on Dictation and let Noted do the writing for you.

3. Capture Every Moment

You can make your daily logs more fun by incorporating visual content like photos and videos. To do this, simply select the Attachment button and choose the files you want to add.

For iOS users, you can access your camera directly from Noted, so you don’t have to quit the app and open Camera to take a snap, and risk missing a meaningful moment.

Want to go a step further? You can even scribble on photos by long pressing on them then tapping Annotate. This way you can mark the special occasion in every shot, or you can just doodle on them – speaking of doodling…

4. Liven Up Your Journal

Are you doodling in your journal? If not, maybe you should be. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw; what’s important is the act of drawing itself. Because when you doodle, you slow down and give yourself time to regroup and understand your thoughts.

Try it on our iPad app! It’s fully compatible with Apple Pencil to emulate the pen-and-pencil experience. Not to mention Time Stroke can help you retrace your thoughts as you watch your doodles come back to life.

Want to make sure that no one reads your journal? Squirreling away your deepest thoughts in Noted is easy with our Lock Note feature, which empowers you to protect your notes using a password, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Put Your Thoughts Down in Noted

We hope you found some inspiration for your daily journal in this article. Let us know if you plan on trying any of these ideas, you can give us a shoutout on Twitter or Instagram. 📒