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Noted provides a number of ways to flexibly share your notes so you can easily send lecture notes to fellow classmates and meeting minutes to a colleague who was absent straight from your device.

Here’s how to find the Share Notes options:

  • iOS: Tap the ⋯ icon at the top right corner, then tap Export (the third icon at the bottom of the sidebar). Alternatively, you can swipe left on a note to reveal the Export icon.
  • macOS: Click the Export button next to ⋯ icon at the top right corner.

Share via iCloud

This allows you to share the entire note complete with time stamps, #TimeTags, images, attachments, and even audio recordings to another Noted user, giving them the full experience.

As the name suggests, this method of note-sharing transfers all content within a note via iCloud so anyone who has access to the sharing link can import your note for their own use.

Share Notes as PDF or TXT Files

You can either export your notes as PDFs so they include attached images and illustrations, or in text-only .txt format which you can quickly send to the recipient.

Share Audio as M4A Files

You have the option to only share the audio note by exporting your recording in .m4a file format and sending it via AirDrop, email, or any other sharing method that suits you and the recipient.

Share via Web

What if you want to share a note with a non-Noted user but you don’t want them to miss out on the full experience?

Don’t worry, you can share it via web. Notes shared via web are complete with time stamps, #TimeTags, images, attachments, and even audio recordings so anyone can relive every moment you’ve recorded.

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Jan 16, 2019

...I also love how I can quickly access my notes with my phone, ipad and Mac. Makes my life so much more organized!

Surprising new tool

Nov 17, 2018

...I was able to review a 5 hour meeting in less than 30 minutes. This is going to change the game for me.


Oct 24, 2018

As a third year university student I absolutely love this app! Allows me to record my lectures, take notes and pictures at the same time and it's so easy to go back to my notes and see what exactly has been said at that exact moment.

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