A Professional’s Guide to Noted: Top Tips for Note-Taking at Work

Effective note-taking is a skill that’s often overlooked at the workplace. 

The truth is, regardless of what profession you’re in, taking notes is part of the job. That’s why we’re sharing a guide on how Noted can help you take better notes no matter what career path you follow.

Stay Engaged

It’s important to take notes during meetings. It’s how you retain information. Just don’t get too caught up in trying to capture every word that you forget to engage with other attendees.

With Noted, you can simply tap the record button and let it take care of the note-taking. This is particularly useful for those who do best when they can just listen and be in the moment without the distraction of taking notes. Now you can stop nodding your head and fake smiling – let’s be real, your boss and peers can tell when you’re hearing but not listening.

Straight to the Point

Have you ever had a team meeting where members are speaking just to be heard? They interrupt others without hearing what they’re saying, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t jot everything down.

This is when Noted’s #TimeTags come in handy.

Combined with the recorder, you can mark important moments by inserting a hash (or tapping the # icon) followed by keywords, skipping unnecessary words. When reviewing the recording, tap on these tags and jump straight to key points. This helps you to focus on the facts, such as issues that need to be resolved, decisions that have been made, and actions you need to take.

Keep It Bold (Or Italic, or Underline…)

If you’re one of those people who remember better when you write things down, you’ll be glad to hear that Noted offers an advanced rich-text editor for formatting your notes. Make the most important information stand out by bolding, italicising, underlining, or highlighting it. This allows you to locate key takeaways more easily when reviewing your notes later.

Seamless Synchronisation

Your notes can go anywhere you are with Noted. Thanks to the seamless, super-fast synchronisation between devices, you can start capturing ideas on your iPhone en-route to the office and start reviewing them on your Mac the second you sit down at your desk.

The Zoom Life

If, like many others, you’re working from home and living the Zoom life, this is for you.

Noted’s Zoom integration empowers you to record your Zoom meetings whilst taking notes using all the features we’ve mentioned. It even imports the video recording to the corresponding note automatically after the meeting, so you can review your notes and video from the same app.

Review Later

Taking meeting notes serves two functions: to organise and store new information, and to remember and recall it. However, in order for note-taking to work, you need to actually review your notes after taking them and reflect on what you’ve written down. Otherwise, the organisation and storage part is pointless.

That’s why, at Noted, we focus on making the reviewing process as effective, efficient, and enjoyable as it can be. With tools like Intelligent Playback, Audio Trimming, and Playback Speed control, even long, boring meetings are easy to review.

Knowledge is Power, Especially When It’s Shared

The boss asking you to share your notes with the team? A colleague couldn’t attend the meeting? Noted offers numerous ways to share your notes and keep everyone on the same page:

  • Share via iCloud – Share notes complete with recordings, timestamps, #TimeTags, and attachments with fellow Noted users.
  • Share as PDF or TXT files – Export and share your notes as PDFs to include growth charts, mind maps, etc.; or as TXTs if the notes are only textual.
  • Share via web – Similar to the first option, except this works even when you’re sharing with non-Noted users.
  • Share recordings as M4A files – Share the meeting recording alone without the bells and whistles.

The choice is yours!

Start Taking Better Notes at Work

There’s so much more to Noted than what you’ve seen. Download it now on your iOS or macOS devices, and experience it for yourself.
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