Your University Success and Well-Being Strategies

“Congrats! Your adventure at [University of ___ ] has officially begun.” In a world where unexpected challenges, like the pandemic, and the whirlwind of growing up are part of our lives, the adventure of university life awaits you. The best part? Everyone is on this journey with you, whether you’re new to campus life or … Continued

5 Budgeting Tips for Students

It’s the start of a brand new year, so let’s get you off to the best possible start by making student life more manageable; giving you less to stress about. 😌  According to the Student Money Survey, a staggering 76% of students worried about how they would make ends meet in 2021. Results show that … Continued

4 Tips to Get the Most From Your Study Break

You have made it through another challenging year, and that alone is something to be proud of, so pat yourself on the back.👏 Before putting 2021 to bed, here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your study break and have the best possible start to the academic year ahead. Tie … Continued

3 Ways to CUSTOMiSE Your Christmas With Noted

As Christmas is the time for giving, we made it our merry mission to find fun hacks to make your Christmas exciting and stress-free.  Here are some creative and productive ways that Noted can help you have the best holiday season ever.  Let’s get started. 1. Amazing Annotations Making memories is the best, especially at … Continued

6 Tips To Make Revision More Effective

Student life is pretty hectic so we want to share some top tips for minimising stress and maximising success during exam time. 1. Eat Well It may seem obvious, but what we eat can really affect how we feel, our memory, and our ability to concentrate. Try to eat at least three meals a day … Continued

What’s New in Our macOS Monterey Update?

Apple has unveiled their next-generation macOS operating system and that can only mean one thing: Noted update! Alongside macOS Monterey’s release, we’ve rolled out version 3.6 for your Mac to give you a much more streamlined note-taking experience – and we’re here to give you a rundown on everything new that you can enjoy right … Continued

Version 3.5: Everything New in Noted’s iPadOS 15 Update

Noted is now enhanced with iPadOS 15’s new technology! Our version 3.5 update is packed full of new features that make your note-taking experience easier and more enjoyable than ever. Get your space helmet on, because we’re going to dive right into every new feature you can experience on your iPad right now! All Keyboard … Continued

Scan Text: Transform Handwritten notes into Editable notes

If you’re someone who still prefers the feeling of writing with pen and paper, but you have trouble staying organized, there’s good news for you. With today’s technology, it has become super easy to take digital notes on your phone and tablet. However, if you don’t want to ditch the pen and paper method, you … Continued

A Professional’s Guide to Noted: Top Tips for Note-Taking at Work

Effective note-taking is a skill that’s often overlooked at the workplace.  The truth is, regardless of what profession you’re in, taking notes is part of the job. That’s why we’re sharing a guide on how Noted can help you take better notes no matter what career path you follow. Stay Engaged It’s important to take … Continued

Version 3.5: When Noted Meets iOS 15

Alongside iOS 15’s arrival, we’ve officially launched our latest update: version 3.5! 🚀 We’re embracing Apple’s new tools and technologies to enhance your note-taking experience and skyrocket your productivity. So buckle up, as we talk you through every new feature coming to our biggest update in 2021. Take Notes in One Snap We’ve all been … Continued