The WFH Toolkit: 7 Tools to Help You Work Effectively

Working from home is becoming the new normal – and no, it’s not just because of the pandemic. These days, jobseekers favour remote roles for their flexibility in both working hours and location, whilst employers are realising that remote working (when done right) can actually boost efficiency. Thanks to advances in technology, remote working has … Continued

How to Use Noted. to Prepare for Your Job Interview

From researching about the company to deciding what to wear, thorough preparation is key to interview success. If you have an interview lined up, then this post may be of use to you. The Noted. app is useful for many purposes, and one of them is to help you prepare for a job interview, and … Continued

Academic Success: 10 Common Study Habits of Successful Students

Successful students have good study habits. They apply these habits to their classes and study sessions, and that’s what helps them achieve academic success. If you’re a student looking to build study habits that will supercharge your academic performance, then read on to find 10 common habits that most successful students share and how they … Continued

How to Use Your iPad to Stay Organised at University

Now that you’re well into the first term of a new academic year, you’re probably scratching your head wondering how you’re supposed to stay on top of all the lectures you have to attend, the tests you have to study for, and the assignments you have to submit on time. Fear not, the almighty iPad … Continued

Save trees: take your lecture notes digital

Go paperless with Noted. The first term of uni has begun. It’s an exciting time to reinvent yourself and discover smarter ways of working. No matter whether your lectures are in person or online, Noted can help you get organised, cut the clutter and help out the planet too. Make wasted paper a thing of … Continued

Empower your Zoom meetings with Noted.

Recording physical meetings, classes & conferences had always been the core of Noted. In late 2019, we had this 💡moment — why not record online meetings and conferences too? Zoom had always been a well-known tool our subscribers use on their Mac, especially for online sales calls or virtual meetings. While they’d usually have Noted … Continued